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"You loved me?" ”Of course I did! Serena, you are the most beautiful, amazing, alive person I’ve ever known.”

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Me today 😏 #meh

(art by @gemmacorrell)

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favorite characters memeilana [09/15] broad city

"Hemmy and I are working pretty hard to suck Uncle Sam’s D up in here, but we ran into like a pickle, wall— I don’t know what the saying is. Um, we got the W2’s and the W9’s, but where do we get three through eight?"

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sitting pretty on the throne;
there's nothing more i want, except to be alone.

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mattirwinlondon: Ere he comes, top tog 📷

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This is what happens when white guys listen to Indian music

holy shit

whenever I’m feeling sad I just watch this video.

I was not expecting that level of choreography or that they would actually know the words.  This is awesome.

I almost ignored this but I’m glad I didn’t

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you know there’s something wrong with our society when they put a rape victim on a cover and have the words SEXUAL REVOLUTION in giant letters over her image and “movement against sexual assault” in tiny letters in the corner

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Marlene Dietrich… and her luggage.

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Beauxbatons Academy of Magic on Pinterest

"l’académie de magie de Beauxbâtons is a wizarding school located in the Palace of Beauxbatons, surrounded by beautiful gardens, in the Pyrenees in southern France. Beauxbatons accepts students from France, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands."
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Listening to only one genre of music is the most painfully boring trait I can think of for a human being to have

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Big dogs who think they are lap dogs

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Audrey Hepburn by Leo Fuchs, 1958

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best part of the movie.

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American Horror Story: All seasons.